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Hammer Wrench

Industrial Duty Striking Wrenches

IMPERIAL-Newton® has a vast selection of striking wrench (a.k.a, hammer wrench, slogging wrench, slugging wrench, slug wrench, knocker wrench, backup wrench, striker wrench, or hammering wrench) tools in the popular 6 point and 12 point configurations, in both the flat striking wrench design and the offset handle design, made in accordance with or based upon ANSI or DIN design specifications depending on size and shape. All inch and metric sizes are offered from 5/8″ and larger (19mm and larger for metric). Unlike other manufacturers, we do not skip any sizes at all within our range – even at the larger end of the spectrum, including availability of every metric size in 1mm increments and user specified sizes if need be.

In addition to the common 12-point and 6-point hammer wrenches we also produce and stock all common sizes of castellated hammer wrenches typically used for working on turbines, along with many specialty shapes such as 4 point square striking wrenches, 8 point double-square hammer wrenches, octagon striking wrenches, and even spline configurations (e.g., MS33787 or MS1723xx and others) of hammer wrenches to solve otherwise difficult or impossible to find solutions for uncommon applications found in aerospace, military, electrical power generation and other cutting edge industries.

Please select one of the part numbers shown herein, or simply request the size and shape needed for quote. Not all products available are currently displayed on this web site. The listing here is large, yet still represents only a portion of all products available and is being expanded upon regularly. Future updates to this section will include details of additional products as time permits, until then please inquire.

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IMPERIAL 12 POINT Striking Wrench \ Hammer Wrench

IMPERIAL 6 POINT Striking Wrench \ Hammer Wrench

IMPERIAL OPEN END Striking Wrench \ Hammer Wrench

IMPERIAL 4 POINT Striking Wrench \ Hammer Wrench

IMPERIAL 8 POINT Striking Wrench \ Hammer Wrench

IMPERIAL OCTAGON Striking Wrench \ Hammer Wrench

Octagon by request.

IMPERIAL SPLINE Striking Wrench \ Hammer Wrench