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SRA InsertsTM

Socket Reducing Adapting SRA InsertsOur complete line of SRA InsertsTM allows you to reduce or adapt an existing impact socket or hydraulic wrench into a multitude of different shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to meet a wider range of applications using your existing tools. In most cases you no longer need to buy additional wrench heads or new sockets, you can simply use an SRA InsertTM to change sizes or shapes as needed, at a fraction of the cost buying new sockets or hydraulic wench head cassettes.

The SRA InsertTM fits inside your existing socket or wrench, like a sleeve. This opens a whole new world of cost effective options for you. You can use a large inch sized impact socket to also work on a few metric nuts, or even use that same socket to change shapes and work on 4-point square nuts for example.

They are fully interchangeable between impact and non-impact applications, and are designed for use with hydraulic wrenches. Though they are most commonly used with hydraulic wrenches, our SRA InsertsTM can also be utilized with impact sockets for the same purposes and without limiting the internal bolt clearance of the impact socket.

Manufactured from heat treated alloy steel, each SRA InsertTMoffers the same toughness as an impact socket wrench because they share the same materials and workmanship as impact sockets. Choose an SRA InsertTM whenever you need to economically step down in sizes or change to a different shape of smaller nut. Sizes and shapes are available to fit all your existing socket sizes of imperial and metric impact sockets ranging from around 1-1/2″ and larger.

We considered listing the 100,000 or so part numbers which make up the entire product range of SRA InsertsTM on this page, but we thought it might not be useful or practical to make you navigate such a massive list looking for what you need. SRA InsertsTM are available in heat treated black steel, non-sparking, titanium and stainless steel alloys to address the needs of most every application. All inch and metric sizes are available between 1-1/2″ and 12-3/4″, or 38mm to 325mm if using metric sizing.

To make it easy to get the exact item you need, we request that you please contact us with the specific size and shapes you need and we will promptly issue a formal quotation with full part numbers and descriptions for exactly what you need. Owners of IMPERIAL-Newton hydraulic wrenches will benefit from the fact that all standard designs of SRA InsertsTM are designed to fit perfectly with IMPERIAL-Newton brand hydraulic wrenches.

Own a different brand of hydraulic torque wrench? No problem. Specific lengths and other matching criteria can easily be specified by purchase order to ensure proper fit with any of your existing tools and our knowledgeable Sales Department is always available to help you determine the right fit.