• Extra Deep Impact Sockets from 5/8" thru 12-3/4" Nut Sizes
  • Industrial crowfoot wrenches from 5/8" to 6-7/8"
  • visit www.INC.tools & search 300,000 impact sockets in seconds
  • Extra long impact extensions 36", 48", 60" and more.. in-stock
  • LARGE Impact Sockets up to 12-3/4" AF
  • Industrial metric crowfoot wrenches from 19mm and larger
  • COMBINATION WRENCHES - stock sizes up to 6-1/8" AF or 315mm
  • Hammer Wrenches from 5/8" up to 12-3/4"
  • Micrometer "Click" Torque Wrenches up to 7,000 Ft-Lbs

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IMPERIAL-Newton produces the largest sockets and wrenches available. Need a custom socket or wrench?

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IMPERIAL-Newton Corp specializes in the manufacture of custom and specialty heavy industrial sized impact socket wrenches, hammer wrenches, and other related industrial tools for working with large nuts and bolts.

We focus exclusively on the needs of heavy industrial professionals, with an emphasis on tools for working with torque values of 600 ft-lbs and greater (some lower torque options available in some categories).

Versatile manufacturing capabilities and stock sizes ensure that whether imperial or metric, custom or standard, 6 point or 12 point, octagon or square - we have the product you need every time. We are the de facto source for producing custom and OEM specific socket & wrench products for heavy industry, aerospace and defense. From spacecraft to rail cars, from hydroelectric to wind power, and from turbines to power poles - we offer more types, sizes, shapes and models of impact sockets and wrenches for heavy industrial applications than any other manufacturer today.

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  • IMPERIAL-Newton is strictly a heavy industrial tool manufacturer.

    Therefore we do not offer any hobbyist, consumer or light duty automotive style tools. All IMPERIAL-Newton products are born ready and able for a hard life in the demanding world of heavy industry, where reliability and strength matter a whole lot more than a pretty sparkle, and bolt diameters range from little 1" bolts up to 12"+ mega bolts. If you've got a large bolt - we have the socket or wrench to fit it; And if it doesn't exist, we can typically design and ship it in about 14 days. Contact us if you need just 1 piece or 1,000 - we have no minimum quantity requirement, even for customized products.

  • We manufacture some of the most unusual and largest socket wrenches in the world today.

    So whether you are looking for quantity pricing on standard impact socket sizes, a full impact socket set for industrial sized bolts, or just need a source for one hard to find socket, we offer all the items you need with price and delivery unmatched worldwide. If you have a large nut or bolt, we have the right tools you need to install or remove it even in highly corrosive, magnetic or explosive environments. Having the right tool for the job is imperative to safe and efficient operations, and IMPERIAL-Newton has the expertise and selection to help you get the right tool for the job - every time.