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Stacking Sockets

HexTop™ Stacking SocketOur full line of HexTop™ stacking sockets provide a versatile and economical method for changing the shape and/or size of an existing wrench opening or power tool which features an integrated socket built in, such as is common with hydraulic torque wrenches and similar bolting equipment. By using our HexTopTM stacker sockets you can easily and economically work with different sizes and shapes of nuts and bolts without the high cost and often long lead times associated with buying additional hydraulic wrench heads or other costly equipment components.

Use them to change shapes such as going from a common 6-point hex to a deep length 8-point socket. Or, use them to change sizes up or down as needed, such as going from a 3-1/8″ hex down to a 1-15/16″ 12-point standard length impact socket wrench. Whatever combination of size and shape you need, we have it available for you quickly.

HexTopTM stacker socket wrenches are available in all standard and extended depths to fit all sizes of metric and imperial nuts and bolts from 5/8″ up to 12-3/4″ or greater. Popular stacking socket sizes are shipped from stock, other sizes and customized products are readily available with our fast industry leading delivery times. Customized versions are available featuring popular options such as extra short lengths, or can be manufactured to customer specified diameters to fit into limited clearance pockets or other tight clearance applications. Specialty products are what we do best, so don’t hesitate to ask for exactly what you need.