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SSR-1500 Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

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MODEL SSR-1500 Features and Specifications

System Operating Pressure only 3000 PSI constant flow rate high performance power supply
Torque Range 150 to 1,500 Ft-Lbs, accuracy ±3%, NIST calibration certs upon request
Electrical Specifications 1 HP,110/220VAC 60Hz single phase (specify international currents as needed)
Torque Adjustment Torque gauge reads in ft-lbs or Nm, specify either or both at time of order
Hoses & Usability Twin 15′ hoses with live swivels both ends, plus 3600 x 3600 rotation at wrench
System Weight Details Power pack @ 55 lbs, wrench @ 8.04 lbs, hose kit @ 11.9 lbs

The SSR-1500 hydraulic wrench system is designed to offer the highest reliability and ease of use of any system on the market.With its simple to read torque gauge, this system completely frees operators from having to convert torque to pressure or carry around plastic gauge overlays which are often lost or damaged. Instead, our system employs a torque gauge on the unit which reads either ft-lbs or Nm values, your choice at time of order. Accuracy and repeatability of the SSR-1500 is excellent at ±3% or better.

Holding reliability and performance above fancy appearances and minor weight savings, we avoid the use of aluminum and choose to manufacture critical components from heat treated steel and super alloys. This time tested design has been refined from over 25 years of heavy industrial field use in the harsh environment of offshore drilling applications, subsea environments and extreme weather conditions. As a result, over 95% of our customers never need spare parts even 5 years after sale.

Systems are sold complete and ready to use, a true turn-key system, utilizing non-hazardous hydraulic fluids and operating at only a third of the fluid pressure required in all other major competitor deigns. Less pressure means mitigated risk of fluid injection injuries, less fatigue on system components and a more reliable system which is also user-serviceable with common hand tools.

When you decide to “do it once, do it right”, there is no better choice for the highest level of reliability, performance and ease of use thanthat offered by the SSR-1500 hydraulic wrench system. Order yours today and find out what our reliability can do for uptime in your operations.